Paper Document Shredding Services

Why is Secure Document Shredding More Important than Ever?

Document ShreddingEvery business has confidential information that requires destruction: customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids and correspondence, even memos about business activity which would interest competitors. Every business is also entrusted with information that must be kept private because employees and customers have legal rights protecting this data.  Today’s companies are producing more information than ever, while the number of privacy and information disposal laws continues to increase.

Proper, permanent destruction of private information is essential for businesses of all sizes.  If your company’s sensitive documents fall into the wrong hands, the damage could be staggering.  Just one instance of unauthorized access to confidential information could result in corporate espionage, identity theft, and other criminal activity, not to mention loss of reputation, market share, and customer trust.

That’s why Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming provides secure and reliable, yet convenient and cost-effective, document shredding and destruction.  We provide offsite secure shredding on an ongoing or intermittent basis so you have cost-effective options that fit your needs and business priorities.

At Tarheel, our focus is to help you successfully comply with all information security procedures and create peace of mind for you and your organization.  Document shredding frees up valuable space, eliminates unnecessary theft and security risks, and mitigates the risk of state or federal fines for improper handling of documents that fall under HIPAA, FACTA, EEA and GLB protection.

What are the 4 C’s of Off-Site Secure Document Shredding?

  • Convenience

Offsite shredding removes the burden from your employees while ensuring convenience and reliability.  In minutes, we will turn years’ worth of documents into little shredded bits for recycling. Staples, rubber bands, folders, paper clips, etc. do not need to be removed before shredding occurs.

  • Confidence

In a survey conducted by the Conference Board, top executives from 300 companies ranked the security of company records as a critical issue facing their business. When asked which issues required immediate attention and policy development, the security of company records ranked second only to employee healthcare.

Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming is a certified document destruction company servicing customers throughout the Southeast and the East Coast. Our document shredding services are performed according to stringent guidelines.  Our customers enjoy the confidence or knowing that they are using a secure document destruction company dedicated to handling their materials in a professional manner.

Since we don’t sort before we begin shredding, materials remain private. Our confidential paper shredding produces strips of paper that are and destroyed to an unrecoverable state, yet they are still discarded and/or recycled according to strict policies and procedures.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Many businesses buy one or several shredders to later discover that the high cost and low security of in-house shredding is ineffective. Maintenance costs, replacement costs, and employee costs quickly overcome the investment of hiring a professional shredding service. Furthermore, for proper security, internal personnel should not be allowed to destroy payroll information, HR records, or competition sensitive information.

Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming saves you the time and effort of destroying sensitive information, so that you and your employees can focus on your core business.

Partnering with us provides you the convenience and financial advantages of outsourcing as well as the increased protection that your confidential business records are being destroyed according to our strict codes for compliance, security and reliability.

  • Compliance

All levels of government are increasing the enforcement of data privacy laws and making protection against consumer fraud a priority. The security of sensitive customer, employee and business information is a requirement and should be a critical part of your document management program to mitigate risks associated with identity theft, loss of confidential documents, misuse of sensitive information, and noncompliance with privacy laws.

Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming has the experience and expertise to help you design and manage a secure shredding program. Our management team and employees stay abreast of legislation and business changes to help you stay current with the dynamic landscape of privacy laws and regulations.

Are You in Compliance?


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensures that healthcare organizations in the United States are responsible for the security and privacy of health information.


Gramm-Leach-Bliley requires banking and financial institutions across the United States to describe how they will protect the confidentiality and security of consumer information.


The Economic Espionage Act (EEA) is a very powerful federal law that defines and severely punishes misappropriation and theft of trade secrets. However, it only protects companies that take “reasonable measures” to safeguard their information.


The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) is a broad-sweeping consumer rights bill providing for medical information, consumer reports, credit reports, notices of consumer rights, workplace investigations, information sharing among affiliates, disposal of consumer information, opt-out for risk-based pricing, and more.

FACTA addresses the disposal of consumer information (name, address, SSN, credit scores) and data compiled from this information.  Any person who maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose — in electronic or paper format — must “take reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access or use of the information in connection with its disposal.” FACTA requires disposal to be done properly — burning, pulverizing or shredding.

Noncompliance or violation of any of the acts listed above can have devastating consequences for businesses and their employees.  Hefty civil fines and criminal penalties, lawsuits, imprisonment and negative publicity are risks that everyone wants to avoid.

Here’s what We Do to Keep You in Compliance:

What does it mean to be a trust information destruction service?  It means that Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming follows a strict chain-of-custody protocol which establishes accountability for audits.  We safeguard the security of your documents at all times.  We shred documents beyond recognition.  We dispose shredded documents properly.  And, we certify that all your material was properly destroyed with a “Certificate of Destruction”.  It is always our mission not only to adhere to laws and regulations, but to ensure that our procedures stand up to tough regulatory scrutiny.

Every step of our off-site secure shredding process is designed and executed with security in mind. Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming guarantees the protection of your information from the time of collection at your location until its final disposition.

What Kinds of Document Does Tarheel Imaging Shred?

  • Accounting Records and Audit Reports
  • Audit and Advisory Publications
  • Bank Statements
  • Documents for ShreddingCanceled Checks
  • Cash Books
  • Cassette and Audio tapes
  • Compact Discs and Floppy Disks
  • Claims and Litigation Records
  • Contracts
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Customer Lists
  • Drug Screens
  • Employee Applications
  • Financial Statements
  • Insurance Records
  • Invoices
  • Medical Records
  • Memos and Legal Briefs
  • Microfiche and Microfilm
  • New Product Designs
  • Personnel Records and Human Resources Files
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Sales Reports
  • X-Rays
  • and more….

Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming has experience serving the following industries: Healthcare, Government, Legal, Financial, Retail, Corporate

How Does the Off-Site Secure Shredding Process Work?

By choosing Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming, you’re partnering with a data management company that follows industry best practices for document destruction. We handle all documents with a consistent chain-of-custody, resulting in a tightly controlled, documented process:

Our trained and rigorously screened personnel come to your location to pick up the documents that require shredding.  We then transport the materials to one of our facilities and shred them—safely, securely, and reliably. Should it be required, representatives from your organization can be present to witness destruction activities for copyrighted, royalty-based or highly sensitive materials.  Next, we issue a certificate of destruction for FACTA and HIPAA compliance.  Finally, the completely destroyed records are recycled to help protect our natural environmental resources.

How Much Does Document Shredding Cost?
Think a shredding services program is right for you, but looking for information on costs? Contact us today to request a detailed quote that fits your business’s document shredding needs.  Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming offers document destruction programs at exceptional prices— no matter the size of your organization.

Interested in Our Off-Site Secure Document Shredding Services?

Since 1990, Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming has worked with businesses like yours to properly destroy sensitive company information.  We have the capabilities to provide you with either regularly scheduled document destruction or one-time shredding of your data (special projects).  But what matters most, is our proven record of outstanding customer service.  We’ll work with you to guarantee a secure, compliant process from start to finish.

Consider Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming if you’re implementing a new records management program or retention schedule; completing a tax audit or litigation matter; relocating data to a new facility; consolidating records or cleaning out storerooms and file rooms to create extra space; or destroying a broad range of information from paper to CDs, backup tapes, film, photos, badges, disks, X-rays and credit cards.

To find out more about our document shredding services – or to determine if we provide any services not mentioned (the answer is usually yes!) – just contact us.  By adhering to leading industry standards, we are capable of providing the highest quality services at competitive prices.  See what our clients are saying about our data management and data destruction services.