Document Storage Services

We have over 18 years of experience in document and archive storage and will leverage that knowledge to implement your records management and lifecycle policy.

We specialize in storing medical records and business documents utilizing barcode technology to help manage your box and file inventory.

Services For You

Document StorageBOX SALES – We sell strong file storage boxes at competitive prices with free delivery.

PURGE YOUR INVENTORY – We can remove files from your shelves, archive and record contents.

BOX STORAGE – Your boxes will be barcoded and securely stored in our warehouse.

FILING – If you have files that need to be placed in existing boxes, give us a call to arrange pick-up.

FILE RETRIEVAL – We can pull a box or single folder from inventory and schedule delivery to your office.  Faxing contents is a quick solution for file contents.

MONTHLY – You will receive a detailed list of boxes in inventory, lifecycle status and related activity.