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How Scanners Work

Let’s review what we scan and why… • Accounting and Finance: Invoices, Expenses, Reports, Tax Returns, Client transactions • Human Resources: Personnel Files, Reports. • Medical and Insurance: Medical and Dental Records, Claims and Quotes • Real Estate: Property Deeds, Building Plans, Sale Documentation • Petrochemical: Oil & Gas Exploration Documents, Maps, Seismic Surveys. • […]

Microfilm Digitization Gaining Popularity with Libraries & Genealogical Societies

American genealogists have had a couple of hundred years to document and research their genealogies. One would think that everything about your family history would be known about already. The truth is, even the most seasoned genealogists have barely scratched the surface of genealogical data that is archived in microfiche collections across the country. Websites […]

Feel good about the security of your electronic documents? What about your paper documents?

In this digital age, corporations and government agencies spend a lot of time locking down the security of their electronic documents, but the prospect of a paperless world isn’t quite a reality. Paper documents are still preferred by the legal system, so agencies and companies must safely store important documents. Document storage isn’t just for mega-organizations. […]

Presidential Memo Demands Improved Records Management

A memo released by the office of the President of the United States has caused a big stir in the document imaging and records management industries. The memo calls on executive departments and agencies to reduce costs and operate more efficiently by improving their records management. It points out that when records are managed efficiently, […]

History of Document Copying

There has been a need for copying documents since the beginning of Earth’s written history. Until the late 1700s, the only way to copy an original document was by hand and pen. The very first forms of copying involved special papers and ink. James Watt invented a method of copying that used specially formulated ink […]

Organization Just Clicks Digitally

Have you ever wanted to grab your hair and scream in frustration when you couldn’t find that one particular file you needed? It has to be somewhere in that three foot stack of papers right? Or maybe it was that one that slipped off the top and fell behind your desk. Or wait… could it […]

Digitalization May Soon be a Necessity

In June earlier this year, you may have heard about the U.N. declaring that internet access is a basic human right. What this basically means is that now, more than ever, we have begun to accept and truly lean into our headlong rush towards a fully digital age. The state government in New York has […]

Go Digital to Keep the World Green!

We all know that the use of paper, by its very nature, requires the destruction of some of the very plant life that gives us breathable air. Paper grows on trees, or more literally, it grows as trees. Lately people and businesses have been getting more and more conscious about the size of their carbon […]

Going Paperless to Save Yourself

By now most people have heard at least something to do with the fact that going digital with your paperwork can save you. No matter what you may have heard, there is always mention of the fact that you save something. There might be mention of the increase in productivity, how it can save you […]

Medical Scanning is Going Even Further

According to an article in Digital Trends, the medical community has begun to scan more than medical documentation. At the NYU Medical Center they have begun to scan patient’s palms as a means of identifying them. It uses an infrared scanner that scans the layout and patterns of a patient’s veins in their hand. These […]