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The 3 essentials to incredible, homemade coffee.

Coffee. Personalized. Gourmet. Those who simply use a drip coffee machine have yet to experience the grandeur of gourmet, homemade coffee. Spice up your life by trying some of these especially gourmet ways of making your coffee spectacular. Don’t settle for mediocrity. 3 Essentials to incredible, homemade coffee: 1. Beans To have the best, you […]

The Office

More than just a show, the television show: The Office is a cultural phenomenon. At its zenith, viewership spanned more than 11 million viewers. Board games, T-shirts, video games and even bobble heads were introduced as the show gained increasing popularity. Because of its seemingly normal office atmosphere and hysterical comedy, the show’s popularity exploded […]

Microfilm Digitization Gaining Popularity with Libraries & Genealogical Societies

American genealogists have had a couple of hundred years to document and research their genealogies. One would think that everything about your family history would be known about already. The truth is, even the most seasoned genealogists have barely scratched the surface of genealogical data that is archived in microfiche collections across the country. Websites […]

Can Microfilm Be What You Need?

Could Microfilm Be What You Need Many businesses and companies have made the effort to go digital and convert their documents into a format that takes up no physical space but can virtually be a veritable warehouse jammed full of information. As wonderful as it is to have what would amount to potentially hundreds of […]

Document Scanning has positive benefits

Many companies are offering their services to scan documents which people require. We are one of those companies.  At Tarheel Imaging and Mircrofilming, we provide a professional look to the document. We help you to get positive benefits from customers, employees and shareholders by providing efficient and productive system to manage your document imaging and […]