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Gold vs. Paper Currency

Gold.  Everyone has been talking about it.  You’ve seen the commercials, heard the ads, and read the articles.  Gold has become such a huge buzz topic in recent years, but why?  It’s not like it has not been around for thousands of years.  Why all of the sudden interest in gold?  For that matter, why […]

“Who Ya Gonna Call??”

I’m afraid Halloween is upon us once again.  Truth be told, Halloween is not actually one of my favorite holidays.  Sure, I like dressing up and eating gobs of candy, but what kind of major holiday doesn’t give you the day off?  Come on!  Personally, I think we should take St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, […]

Protect Your Paper from Murphey’s Law

Everyone is familiar with Murphy’s Law.  Even if you have never heard of it, you have definitely experienced it.  Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Now, Murphy’s Law is by no means a scientifically, or even a mathematically tested theory like the theory of gravity. Though it is an […]

Curious Galactic Objects: Black Holes

After eight years of planning, eight months of interplanetary space flight, and seven minutes of sheer terror during touchdown, the Mars Rover Curiosity landed safely on the surface of Mars on August 6th, 2012.  The Mars mission, what NASA’s director of the Mars Exploration Program called “the Super Bowl of planetary exploration,” is scheduled to […]

Tour Wilmington

Your Next Beach Vacation- Wilmington, NC Wilmington, NC is a small enough city to be charming, yet large enough to accommodate the large department stores and popular food chains.  A city of contrasts, Wilmington blends old town history on one side of the city with new shopping centers (Mayfaire) and the warm, beautiful beach on […]

Barcoding: A Brief History

We’ve all been to the grocery store.  You know the scenario.  It could almost be a sitcom situation.  The checkout line seems to stretch all the way to the dairy section.  Of course, out of an endless line of registers, only three are open.  Our unsuspecting shopper sighs as he sees an overflowing cart pull […]

Body Scanners: Two words that illicit a range of emotions in American citizens.

Despite nationwide shock at allowing airport employees to view revealing X-ray scans of travelers, the Transportation Security Administration deployed body scanners at every major airport in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security spent $90 million on the purchase of more than 600 body scanners. To alleviate privacy concerns, the government is now spending […]

The Office

More than just a show, the television show: The Office is a cultural phenomenon. At its zenith, viewership spanned more than 11 million viewers. Board games, T-shirts, video games and even bobble heads were introduced as the show gained increasing popularity. Because of its seemingly normal office atmosphere and hysterical comedy, the show’s popularity exploded […]

How Scanners Work

Let’s review what we scan and why… • Accounting and Finance: Invoices, Expenses, Reports, Tax Returns, Client transactions • Human Resources: Personnel Files, Reports. • Medical and Insurance: Medical and Dental Records, Claims and Quotes • Real Estate: Property Deeds, Building Plans, Sale Documentation • Petrochemical: Oil & Gas Exploration Documents, Maps, Seismic Surveys. • […]

Document Retention and Scanning

There are many federal and state agencies that have adapted their own rules and regulatory requirements in regards to document and record retention based upon the laws created by the US government in regards to retaining their own records (Federal Records Act 44 US Code 3301). The IRS has regulations for accounting firms, the SEC […]