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Tips on Sticking to that New Years Resolution!

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time of the year.  Everyone likes to shrug off the weight of the previous year, celebrate good times, and look forward to brighter prospects tomorrow.  Deep down, everyone is eternally hopeful.  There is always a chance that things will be better in the future.  Sadly that does not always […]

Implementing Cost Effective Products Into Your Business

Some are in shock, others are rejoicing. As you already know, Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States. With national unemployment at 7.9%, the national debt at over $16 trillion, and uncertainly over how the healthcare law will affect businesses, many were surprised at the presidential election results. Yet, America moves […]

“Who Ya Gonna Call??”

I’m afraid Halloween is upon us once again.  Truth be told, Halloween is not actually one of my favorite holidays.  Sure, I like dressing up and eating gobs of candy, but what kind of major holiday doesn’t give you the day off?  Come on!  Personally, I think we should take St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, […]

Your Time Is Money

What will you choose? “Time is money.”  Undoubtedly you have heard this iconic American phrase.  It is one of my father’s favorite things to say.  When I was a kid, anytime we had to wait an unnecessarily long time, my dad would grumble “what’s taking so long?  Time is money after all.”  Like me, you […]

Protect Your Paper from Murphey’s Law

Everyone is familiar with Murphy’s Law.  Even if you have never heard of it, you have definitely experienced it.  Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Now, Murphy’s Law is by no means a scientifically, or even a mathematically tested theory like the theory of gravity. Though it is an […]


Advertising makes zero sense.  How is it that a product, previously unremarkable to the consumer, suddenly becomes desirable once a celebrity endorses it?  I can understand the helpfulness of a doctor’s endorsement on a healthcare product, or perhaps a chef’s recommendation of a food item, but what does Roger Federer know about watches?  The most […]


Social Media: Part I In an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth and humans used crude tools to survive, a more than averagely intelligent man was born.  One day he noticed his hands became warm when he rubbed them together.  In a burst of inspiration, he decided to see what would happen if he did […]

What do I need to shred?

Coming towards you, the perfectly clear, bluish-green wave slowly swells as you jump on your surfboard and ride it—shredding the wave all the way out. Startled, you jump up from your office chair, taking the vivid vision away. Dejection sets in as you realize that the only shredding you do today will be in the […]

Dumpster Diving and Privacy

Privacy is a thing of the past.  In the American culture of today, nothing is sacred.  People post embarrassing pictures on social media, the FBI taps phone calls, and the media can dig into anyone’s past.  Before the advent of the internet, one could escape his past by moving to a new area.  Not so […]

Identity Theft: Why is it so Terrifying?

Identity theft: a more and more frequently used buzzword in today’s highly digital society. Why is it so terrifying? Even the term is a bit misleading, because the thief does not assume a person’s identity, he only steals access to information.  A less ambiguous moniker for the crime would be identity fraud; because the thief […]