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Are You Prepared For What The Weather Might Hold?

If you are in Wilmington or the surrounding region, I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather.  This week was a blazing festival of warm air, sunny skies, foggy mornings and wonderfully unexpected temperatures.  While most of the country suffered under extremely cold conditions, Southeastern North Carolina enjoyed seventy to eighty degree temperatures.  Unfortunately, all good […]

Who will you Vote for?

It’s that time of year again.  Every four years the country collectively holds its breath in anticipation of this event.  The contestants rally supporters for one final week. It all comes down to one last day.  I know what you are thinking, but no I’m not talking about the Winter Olympics.  It is election season!  […]

Who is Driving Your Company?

If you have not heard already, California recently became the third state to legalize the use of autonomous cars on its public highways.  Nevada and Florida also joined California with the implementation of this radical legislation. The legislation in all three states is very narrowly worded and merely gives the DMV the authority to create […]

Tour Wilmington

Your Next Beach Vacation- Wilmington, NC Wilmington, NC is a small enough city to be charming, yet large enough to accommodate the large department stores and popular food chains.  A city of contrasts, Wilmington blends old town history on one side of the city with new shopping centers (Mayfaire) and the warm, beautiful beach on […]

Backup Part II

Close your eyes and imagine this combination: Aviator sunglasses, beach volleyball, and 80’s music.  If the image is still a little hazy, add in Navy flyboys, pristine motorcycles, and the California sun.  If you still don’t have a picture of the iconic fighter jet movie Top Gun firmly fixed in your mind then you need […]

Employee Fraud—It could happen to anyone.

                You don’t have to worry about fraud.  You trust your employees, right?  After all, you only hire the best: the most loyal, diligent, and trustworthy people. Your staff would never steal from you.  Unfortunately, the statistics do not agree with you.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), small businesses that employ […]

The Office

More than just a show, the television show: The Office is a cultural phenomenon. At its zenith, viewership spanned more than 11 million viewers. Board games, T-shirts, video games and even bobble heads were introduced as the show gained increasing popularity. Because of its seemingly normal office atmosphere and hysterical comedy, the show’s popularity exploded […]

Feel good about the security of your electronic documents? What about your paper documents?

In this digital age, corporations and government agencies spend a lot of time locking down the security of their electronic documents, but the prospect of a paperless world isn’t quite a reality. Paper documents are still preferred by the legal system, so agencies and companies must safely store important documents. Document storage isn’t just for mega-organizations. […]

Document Scanning has positive benefits

Many companies are offering their services to scan documents which people require. We are one of those companies.  At Tarheel Imaging and Mircrofilming, we provide a professional look to the document. We help you to get positive benefits from customers, employees and shareholders by providing efficient and productive system to manage your document imaging and […]

Getting Document Scanning done, can make future moving a lesser load!

So today is the big day of the move and everyone is excited. You and your family are moving across town to a nicer place that is far more convenient for work. You have the moving truck all packed up but for a handful of items. These items are massive filing cabinets that house all […]