In 1989, my wife and I retired in Wilmington, North Carolina. An avid gardener, I was immediately taken with the five camellia trees in our backyard. They sparked a passion for the flower that has led me from membership in the local Tidewater Camellia Club to active participation in the American Camellia Society, a 3,000-member national organization founded in 1946.

Today, I am the volunteer webmaster for the American Camellia Society (ACS). The ACS has published quarterly journals and annual yearbooks since its inception 65 years ago. The printed journals are housed at the society’s headquarters in Fort Valley, Georgia. Previously, researchers, members, and camellia enthusiasts could only access the information within the journals and yearbooks if they travelled to the American Camellia Society headquarters. I took the initiative to convert this library of information into searchable .PDF files that could be accessed via the society’s website. Click here for an example.

I contracted Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming to scan 65 years worth of journals (30-40 pages each) and yearbooks (200-300 pages each). The team at Tarheel Imaging worked according to my precise instructions, consistently and accurately scanning nearly 30,000 journal pages in a way that helped to minimize the hundreds of hours of labor required on my end to convert the scanned pages into a searchable database. As a former business owner, I really appreciate what it takes to offer outstanding service to one’s customers; the entire team at Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming was responsive, efficient, and dedicated to ensuring my complete satisfaction. For example, throughout the entire project, only 4 or 5 of the nearly 30,000 pages scanned needed to be re-done!

The response from the community of camellia enthusiasts speaks for the project’s success. I have received email correspondence from people all over the world who are delighted to have access to this information. From scientists in California to a gentleman in Murrell’s Inlet, SC who finally determined why the buds were inexplicably dropping from his plants, people are re-discovering a trove of valuable information about camellias, proving that scanning has many practical and rewarding applications.

– Richard Buggeln, Volunteer Webmaster, American Camellia Society

Several years ago, while employed at a hospital in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, I hired Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming to undertake a large-scale purging and microfilming project.  I had worked with other data management companies in the past, including large national firms, so I thought I knew what to expect.  I’m happy to say that Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming exceeded my expectations in every respect.

I cannot say enough about how impressed I was by Libby Lambeth and her team.  They handled our project with unparalleled professionalism.  I do not know of another company that is as customer-service driven as Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming.  For example, whenever someone from the hospital requested a document, Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming faxed it over within 30 minutes to an hour—at no charge!  I’d never seen a turn-around like that before.  Other document management companies take 24 hours or longer to retrieve a needed file, often charging a fee for each request.

Tarheel’s impressive response time didn’t end with document retrieval.  Libby responded to every phone call, email, or request in a timely manner.  Tarheel Imaging was always mindful of our needs, working to provide us with everything we asked for in terms of indexing.  Additionally, their organized approach yielded a flawless accuracy rate.  The project involved thousands and thousands of records, yet not a single one was lost or missing.  Almost a decade later, that hospital is still accessing records via the efficient system Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming created.

Currently, I am the Health Information Manager at Brunswick Community Hospital.  We recently decided to scan 500 boxes of records to our hard drive to free up storage space.  I was delighted to call on Libby and her team to take on this job because I know they will do impeccable work from start to finish.  Not only am I a repeat customer, I’m happy to recommend them to others as the best document management company I’ve worked with.

– Dawn McClure, Brunswick Community Hospital

Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming has successfully managed more than a decade of records for Grace and Valdese Hospitals. Libby and her team are not seen by the hospital’s Health Information Management group as a vendor, but rather is a valuable partner in the work that we do. With hundreds of thousands of records dating all the way back to the 1950s, we count on Tarheel Imaging to purge, microfilm, scan, and manage the data we must store despite space constraints at our facilities.

As the Director of HIM, I greatly appreciate Libby’s pro-active communication. Because she keeps me regularly apprised of developments regarding our records management efforts, she saves me (and my department) time, energy, and money. I rarely need to check in or follow up with Tarheel, because they’ve usually already communicated the information I want via email. Libby and her team have even gone so far as to suggest more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage our systems. When a service provider works to help me lower its own bills, that’s a relationship worth keeping!

Great value isn’t the only benefit Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming provides. Their customer service is unparalleled. Our facilities are located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, approximately a 4 ½ -hour drive from Tarheel’s Wilmington, NC headquarters. Yet, when we request a document, Libby and her staff make sure we have it as soon as possible. They have faxed, FedEx’d and sometimes even driven files to us so that we receive what we need as soon as possible. The quality of their work is just as outstanding.

But what I most appreciate about Libby and her staff is their strong sense of integrity. Years after joining Grace and Valdese Hospitals, while updating vendor contracts, I learned that our facility had never signed a contract with Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming. Their years of excellent service had been based on a handshake and word of honor! Today, our relationship has been formalized with a contract, but the commitment behind that initial handshake remains unchanged.

While other companies try to cement relationships with gifts, promotional products, sales pitches and luncheons, Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming has used performance as the foundation upon which they built our valued relationship. They consistently “wow” us with great service, day in and day out. That’s why I have recommended Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming to other groups within the Blue Ridge Health network. Our long-term care facilities, physicians medical groups, cancer center, rehab center, even Human Resources and Accounting departments can all benefit from the excellent records management services Tarheel provides.

Flexible and easy to work with, Tarheel Imaging & Microfilming genuinely strives to provide the best in every situation whether retrieval of a single document or long-term strategic planning. We’re proud to partner with a records management company that shares our commitment to excellence.

– Andrea Kane, Health Information Management Director for Grace and Valdese Hospitals