Why Can’t Life Be Like Fruit Ninja?

fruit ninja

I think we all can admit that life can be rough sometimes.  No one is exempt from bad days.  Maybe it was that painful trip to the dentist that ended badly, that huge scratch on your car door, or perhaps it was the test you forgot to study for.  Regardless of what set them off, we’ve all had bad days.  Everyone has had days that they just wish they could forget.  Sometimes our relationships are so frustrating. Sometimes work is too demanding. Sometimes you just need to chop some fruit.

I’m sure that was exactly the inspiration behind the creation of the massively popular Fruit Ninja video game.  Maybe it’s a stretch, but for whatever reason, the application that was originally designed for the Iphone has exploded in popularity.  One in every three American Iphones has the game installed.  Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane Australia in the early months of 2010.  Since then it has spread to almost every mobile operating system, including android phones, Samsung’s Bada, Nokia’s Symbian, and many more.  It has even been released on Window’s Eight.

The objective of Fruit Ninja is to slice fruit that is thrown on screen before it falls off screen.  The player directs the blade using his finger on the surface of a touch screen.  If three fruits are allowed to drop, the game ends.  The player could also lose by slicing a bomb that is thrown on screen.  Certain fruits have special qualities. For instance, pomegranates allow the player to rack up points by slicing them multiple times.

The concept of the game is not a tough one.  In fact, the game play of Fruit Ninja is really quite simple.  Somehow the most mindless games become the most popular.  If you think about it though, it makes sense.  This is the age of information.  Lights, sounds, words, pictures, music, and data are all hurled at the consumer at a greater volume than anyone has ever seen before.  Sometimes when life gets too complicated, you just need to relax a bit and do something mindless.  I like to play solitaire.  Honestly, I’m awful at it, but it doesn’t matter because I play to get my mind off things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your office was like Fruit Ninja? Just pretend that every pointless piece of paperwork could be catapulted on to your tablet screen for you to slice in half.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Just picture all your bills, client info, memos, and mayhem tossed in the air.  All you have to do is swipe your finger; magically they all disappear.  As farfetched as it sounds, getting rid of clutter is easier than you think.  You don’t have to stoop for hours in front of a tiny office shredder, trying to protect client information by shredding it instead of throwing it away.  What if I told you that Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming could take care of all your shredding needs?  It’s easier than the swipe of finger.  Just dial a few numbers and you will have professional help in minutes.  You don’t need to resort to video games to escape frustration; you just need to take care of the problem.  Call us the Shredding Samurai.