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“The murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh at an upmarket Dubai hotel in 2010; the killing of Gerald Bull, a Canadian scientist, on his doorstep in Brussels in 1990; the honeytrap set for Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu in Rome in 1986; the death of Ben Zygier in Israel’s most secure prison two years ago.” All these incidents are believed to have involved Mossad—Israel’s secret service agency, whose stealthy actions are hardly ever confirmed. One of the most successful undercover agencies, the Mossad’s operations are never verified, but mere intuition points to their involvement. General Hassan Shateri, a senior member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was shot dead in either Syria or Lebanon. Furthermore, five Iranian nuclear scientists have also met with grisly ends since 2007 alone, most blown up in their cars on their way to work or at their homes. A pattern has emerged – in all cases the finger of blame was pointed at Mossad. While many question the ethics of their work, the Mossad’s effectiveness is unparalleled. The secrecy of the Mossad’s operations continues—most recently in the apparent suicide of “prisoner X” an Israeli prisoner with dual Australian/Israeli citizenship. Many questions have been asked, and the dead silence from the Mossad offers no answers to the world’s questions. Yet blaming Israel for the existence and tactics of the Mossad is perhaps foolish, considering the chaotic nations that border Israel, as well as the history of hate against the Jewish race. Unrest, revolution and War have occurred recently in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. If Israel did not have a resolute government and exceptional security forces, violence and war would easily engulf  the nation of Israel.

While you and your company may not be at war, you are in a competitive battle to win customers and sales. Without question, security is at the forefront of any business. Consumers will never buy from companies whom they distrust in the slightest. Trust and security are the most important issues regarding business transactions. One family company which continues to provide that essential security for hundreds of other businesses is Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming. They offer services that insure security such as files storage, file retrieval, scanning, shredding, microfilm and electronic document management systems. These are not typical services that will waste your time and money. In fact, they will do the opposite. Purchasing services from Tarheel Imaging and Microfilming is not just another mindless business transaction. Rather, it is an investment for your future. One which will yield significant time allocations and cash saved. Products like microfilm and electronic management systems can be just the things your company is missing.

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