Get Prepared!


Crack!  The crowd roars to life as the baseball soars through the air.  It passes the infield, it flies over center, and it’s a homerun!  The slugger trots around the bases with a smug grin, while the defense hangs their heads in defeat.  Baseball is the All-American sport.  It harkens back to the simpler days.  The days when kids played together in sandlots, the days when club sports were unheard of, the days when our parents were too poor to take dance lessons.  With the passing of the Super bowl, it’s time to get excited for a sport that takes brains, brawn, and talent.   Baseball season is right around the corner and spring is in the air. I can almost taste the salted peanuts, watered down coke, and simmering hotdogs; however not everyone is a baseball fan.  I mean, what’s the big deal about baseball anyways?

I’ll be the first to admit it; baseball does not have the same level of physicality as football or basketball.  I’ve played all three; I know that football and basketball players like to think their sports are so much tougher than baseball.   To some extent they are right.  But here’s the thing, baseball is an entirely different type of sport.  The difficulty level is hard to assess because it’s just not like basketball—if you would pardon the line—it’s a whole different ballgame.

Baseball is a sport more along the lines of golf or tennis.  It takes great concentration, hand-eye coordination, and courage under pressure.  It is a mental game.  At all times on the field, the player must know how many runs have been scored, how many outs have been earned, how many strikes have been thrown, what to do if the ball should happen to come his way and much more.  Baseball is also a bit like surfing; surfing is a sport that involves long periods of inactivity punctuated by brief flashes of intense action.  Baseball is the same way.  Not everyone is cut out for a sport like baseball, but those that catch spirit of the game love it with an intense passion.

Maybe that’s how you feel about document security, but maybe not.  Maybe you are like one of those spectators that gets dragged to a baseball game who wonders why so many rules are enforced.  You might be thinking that the game is so hopelessly complicated that it’s no use to play.  Maybe you leave baseball games disgusted and maybe your document security is a mess.  I don’t know what kind of document manager you are, but I do know that no baseball team can survive without a coach.  The rules governing document security were put into place for a reason: to protect clients’ information.  Sure they are complicated, but Tarheel Imaging specializes in complicated.  It is our job to keep your information secure.  We love our jobs the way that baseball fans look forward to spring.  It’s our passion to protect your documents.  You wouldn’t step out onto a major league baseball bat in hand, and you certainly shouldn’t wade into document security on your own.  Call in the experts.  We know what we’re doing.  So sit back and watch a little baseball; you deserve to feel protected.